Saturday, May 8, 2010

SELAMAT HARI IBU!!!! 9 mei 10

luv u mom (hug)
having u makes me feel safe & calm
I miss u mom :|
Missing touches 2 my face with ur chapped palm
u r the greatest
because u r my mom

^) Happy Mother's Day
means more than flowers and gifts
It means saying thank you
It means I love you
You are my mother, my friend
Today is your day!

M is for the million things she gave me,
O means only that she's growing old,
T is for the tears she shed to save me,
H is for her heart of purest gold,
E is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
R means right, and right she'll always be.

Thanku mother for all that u do,
i know my thanks are far to few,
I really do love u i dont say enough,
for me those words r really tough,
i wish i could express all that i feel,
but for me u know thats a big deal,
Have a g8 day i m thinking of u ,
i hope my feelings r getting through.
'Happy Mothers Day'

theres a BIG THANK YOU for the things you've said and done, and lots of Mother's Day hogs for u!!! LOVE U MOM!.

from ur son and daughter ;]]

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