Monday, April 4, 2011

~1 April 2011~

 1st april 1990 we was born...
5min different time between us ...
we share lovelaugh, enjoyableproblems, & sadness..

alhamdulillah, today on our 21st birthday we still alive and get chances continue our life with a new spiritnew dreamsnew successes, and new challenges.

behalf of me, would like to thanx especially for my lovely family with the surprise birthday cakes(rely love it ;]),
thanx for him too ;]]
to our friends, thank you for the wishes ;]]
and last but not least to our cousins for the wishes and birthday present;]]

the pictures will be our memorable 21st birthday;]]

thanx alg for the cuppies ;]

thanx to sys nabilah for the cute cuppies;]]

biggest card;]]

some present for us ;]]

             thanx to him;]]           thanx to angah ;]
                                      thnx to alg;]]                                   thanx mama & ayah ;]]

love my family so much ;]]

lots of love,
~1 April 2011~

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