Monday, December 27, 2010

meet again.


oh yeah..again our famly gather together like last yr.
such dat every year we r planning to go somewhere.
wit dis day, we have such a great time together, playing around with cousins, sharing a secret, do a gossips gurls..its absolutely..ahaha..

like every yr, we have a chosen nite which dat nite will be our gorgeous or 'melaram' nite follow the theme given..uhuhue.. a nite dat they are waiting for..hok3.
mule la time tuh bli baju baru la, nk sesuaikan ngn tema..ehhe..mcm2 hal, mcm2 gaya..

Details as follow:

group: Family Day AWZ 2010 (yg ke-7)*if not mistaken* venue: Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson, N9. date: 17-19 dec 2010 theme of the nite: 60's an fashion

okey. now.
lets the picxa play their roles^_~

famly ku dgn tema 60an;]]

Go-kart time..yeah..1st time men nieh;]]

archery pun 1st time gak;]]

group : ek elehh~~ (4th place)

group: sabar je laa~~ (2nd place)
group: layannn~~ (3rd place)
group: ape2 jerk~~ (winner)

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