Sunday, December 26, 2010

luahan hati

Lululantic's heart..

First of all, maybe dis is my 1st time to let my heart sayingg..soryy,my dear yayah coz i dunt hve so much time to write here till i got my oliday.. i think dis is my good time , i'm free rite now. so, y dont i share my feelings here rite.??

i'm too happy rite now, coz i hve some1 special to my heart after i got a heart broken with the 1 i called 1st love..maybe its true, others said '1st love sometimes is not ur truly luve'. i guess i agreed for dat statement. or otherwise it is a fate. dats the 1 i should accept it. as i go through for 4yrs in relationship wit him, u jus imagine how i should accept it very fast. but i try forcing myself to move forward, n jus let bygone be bygone. only God knows wat my heart feelings dat time. soo broken like a thunder storm shot my heart directly, its hurts me soo much. i really cant stand, but thank god i got my twins(limau) n my frens(islamiya, siti) dat support me all the times. they never give up giving me advises and cheer me up olways..

its happen during i'm stdying at matrix. such a very 'beautiful' place. in order, its very hard n struggle place..ohoho..i really cant remember dat time how i manage myself after clash so dat it dont disturb my study for my final brain was like want to thrown out.but i cant make it. i pushed myself, trying my besh to settled it smoothly. but then, all da memories created between us olways played in my mind.

n alhamdulillah, after 1yr n half, i do succeed to forget all da past. n now, i created my new life with my new behalf. although we r jus being together for 6 months. but we hve known each other for 1 yr. we r in da same cos 'stdy of med imaging' which i think same cos is better n understand more. i hope so. ;] he's kind of a good man. never ever gve up trying to tackled me. uhuuee...he made a surprise on my last burday with a whole cake of secret recipe (strawberry choc). n a beautiful box with stuff inside (white watch, bear key-chain, zodiac bear key-chain for aries) . from dat, i really wanna knoe him deeply. he do take cre of me, n olways support me when i'm weak.

so, hopefully with bless of Allah, we can stay together for the rest of our life.

(spoon needs a fork always)

to my readers, Do pray for us~~

deeply from my heart,

27dec2010: 11:34am

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